Biodegradable Liquid Polymers

Seed Coatings

AGRONWORKS biodegradable liquid polymers offer a single step alternative for cohesively placing beneficial soil microbes directly onto the seed or fertilizer pellet. AGRONWORKS biodegradable liquid materials are sourced from plant based ingredients which provide nutritional value to plants and soil microbes.  AGRONWORKS biodegradable liquid polymers are easy to apply on seeds and fertilizers in both field and facility applications, using industry standard equipment. 

Fertilizer Coatings

AGRONWORKS biodegradable liquid polymer fertilizer coatings are applied directly onto the fertilizer pellet or granule, which also may incorporate beneficial soil microbes. AGRONWORKS is in the R&D phase of developing a biodegradable polymer nutrient delivery system for the horticulture industry.  

Soil Conditioners

AGRONWORKS biodegradable liquid polymer SoilSYL formulation promotes soil stabilization, increases water infiltration and contains organic carbon for supporting soil microbes and conditioning soils.  Soil microbes can be added to SoilSYL. The US Forest Service (Cleveland National Forest), Bureau of Indian Affairs (Taos World Heritage Site, San Manuel Reservation, and Barona Reservation) and the Department of Energy (Santa Susana Field Laboratory) have used the technology as an emergency post-fire treatment to reduce potential loss of life, damage to infrastructure, and water quality impacts.