Radicoat Seed Coating

In late 2013, AGRONWORKS started developing its biodegradable liquid seed coating for applying beneficial soil microbes directly onto the seed. The new coating, Radicoat, was also developed to provide a simple and cost effective way to provide valuable early stage nutrients to the plant and the soil biology at the same time. Download the Potato Field Test which demonstrates the effectiveness of  AGRONWORKS first generation seed biopolymer used in field trials with BIO SI's biology.  The Radicoat product's name branding is BIO SI's.      

Wheat Seed Growth Test

Day 12 growth for seeds coated 24 months ago with Bio Coat (Biology + Coating) and stored until germination.  

Coated Wheat Seed

Coated wheat seed used in growth test.

Fertililizer Coating

A sample of AGRONWORKS Humic Coat on Urea (46-0-0), coated 2 years ago.